5 ways to kiss an escort

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The art of kissing is the most developed skill of the best lovers. Let us tell you a secret, “A well given kiss” to one of our beautiful luxury escorts in Madrid will awaken her passion, will leave her longing for what you are capable of doing and surrendered to your charms.

Believe us when we tell you that a kiss is a weapon full of enigmas and information that will give you the key to reach unimaginable levels of pleasure.

Here are some secrets of those kisses that will make your night with an escort in Madrid unforgettable.

Kisses without tongue

Play with your wet lips on her lips. You set the rhythm of your mouth caresses. It is not the time for the tongue yet, it is about sliding your lips over hers, you can use your teeth, with soft nibbles that are also a caress and play with her impatience. You will see that our escorts in Madrid are looking for more, move away, play and come back, please remember that your smile and your gaze suggest many things, a promise of what is to come!

There is no such thing as rushing

Delay the moment to let him enter your mouth and when you think he is ready, use your tongue with slow, gentle movements. With subtle playfulness, run your tongue over her teeth and play with the tip, barely touching anything with it, and don’t forget to run your tongue over her lips.  The chemical game of her body won’t be able to stop, and the flame of desire ignites unstoppably in a luxury escort in Madrid.

The kissing dance

You don’t need to lead the dance continuously, now you, immediately her, it’s time to play, to learn from each other and to adjust. It’s time for real kisses, the kind that make you melt and are a source of immense pleasure. Your tongue and our Madrid escort’s tongue have already met, but be careful, it is not a matter of reaching the bell, but the tip of your tongue should go around hers and the other way around.

Drink the honey

Are you going to stay only in your mouth? It’s time to go for a hike and kiss all over her body and all over her body, combine kisses with masterful caresses and then leave her mouth and continue down her neck. Combine gentle licks, playful nibbles and soft brushes of your lips, then start moving down her cleavage and give her breasts the time they deserve. Kindly note that nipples are very sensitive points, kiss them, suck them gently, our Madrid escort won’t be able to resist. But be careful, the key is to go little by little.

On the inner thighs you have another tremendously sensitive key point, this can be the next stop on your mouth’s tour of her body. I assure you that you can make our luxury escort in Madrid go crazy without being able to resist any longer, and while you are there, take the opportunity to get closer to her genitals and drink the honey.

Let yourself be kissed

If you have followed our advice, then you have done a good job, now it is your turn. Our luxury escorts in Madrid are masters in the art of kissing. Do you want your reward? Call us on +34 657 532 838 and let yourself be taken to unimaginable levels of pleasure with the touch of their lips. Deep kisses, slow, fast, playful and in the place you want.

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