5 sexual positions that you will only dare to do with an escort

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posturas eróticas

The most daring erotic positions

Today we are going to see which are the most daring erotic positions according to the experience of our ladies. Those that maybe with other girls you don’t dare to experience but are part of your sexual fantasies.

As our escort girls in Barcelona always say, it is significant to innovate in sex and dare to practice new positions in different places. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into a routine. It’s time to get imaginative and bring out our sensual and passionate side.

Our escort girls Barcelona explains to us which are the 5 most exciting positions to make love with an escort or with your partner. Take note!

The chair position

Although it may seem simple, it is not. This sexual practice requires patience and knowing how to coordinate with your partner, with gentle movements. If you do it well, you will both achieve great stimulation. The best way to do it is for the man to sit on the bed, with his elbows and feet resting on the mattress, as if it were a kind of chair. And the luxury escort should sit on top of him, placing her ankles on his shoulders.

Reed pose

This is the best erotic position to achieve a deep penetration. Although it may be more tiring than other positions, both the man and the girl will experience sensations they have never known before. In this case, the escort has to lie on her back and lift her pelvis. The boy has to get on his knees, holding his buttocks with his hands.

The trapeze

Men usually like this sexual position because they can see their escort from a different angle: he has to sit with his legs open. And the escort on top of him. Little by little, she will lean backwards until she is completely lying on his legs or between his legs.

The erotic doggy style

According to Lola Martí’s luxury escorts, this is the most pleasurable erotic position and the one-man like the most. In this position, the escort kneels on her knees with her hands on the bed and spreads her legs. The man is the one who has to take care of everything. You will love it!

The sleepy girl

Maybe you have never heard it before, but it is ideal if the escort is a sporty girl with great flexibility. The luxury escort will lie on her side, and the man will lie on her back. She should place one leg backwards so that it goes around his waist. In addition to a satisfactory penetration, the man can easily caress the lady’s breasts, without forgetting the constant kisses on her face and neck. Exciting, full stop!

Dare you practice any of these sexual positions with one of our escorts Barcelona? Just call us at 657 532 838. We are waiting for you.

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