My first experience with a luxury escort

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experiencia escort
Do you know what it feels like to meet a luxury escort? This testimony of a client’s first experience will give you an idea of what your next date with one of Lola Martí’s escorts can be like.

I had never considered paying for companionship or sex, but I had recently ended a three-year relationship and I felt the need to spend Saturday night with someone.

I turned on the TV while I was aimlessly surfing the internet, and that’s when I came across a picture on Twitter of a spectacular girl. She was a brunette, with plump red lips, a considerable ass and a knockout body. She looked like something out of a film.

That’s when I thought about calling the agency’s phone number below, Lola Martí. As I didn’t have any commitment, I called that beautiful escort from Barcelona.

“She was a brunette, with plump red lips, a huge ass and a knockout body”

I shaved, showered and put on a blue shirt that I have reserved for special occasions. I was nervous, but at the same time excited to live an experience like that.

Likewise, I met the escort from Barcelona at La Rambla, I wanted to enjoy the evening and her company and not go straight home.

After 5 minutes, the woman in the picture showed up at the meeting point, just as I expected, but she was dressed in a tight black dress that showed off her curves. When I saw her in person, she reminded me of Megan Fox in the film Jennifer’s Body. Her hair was down, and she was wearing heels that slimmed her figure even more.

We greeted each other with two kisses, and I took her out for dinner at a nice restaurant I knew in the area. During the whole dinner, we had a very interesting conversation in which she explained her opinion about the accident of the Leicester City owner, as she told me she was a big football fan. Her team was Barça, like mine, so we had a topic of conversation for most of the dinner.

Her seductive gaze made me go crazy.

After the evening, in which I was very comfortable, I proposed to her to go for a drink in a place that I love for its relaxed atmosphere. We ordered two mojitos and continued talking for another hour or so, but this time she was very affectionate towards me. She held my hand and looked at me with seductive eyes until at one point in the conversation she got up from her seat to sit on my thighs and started whispering that she would love to spend some time alone with me. As he made his proposition to me, he sucked on the straw of the mojito, which made me so excited that I felt my trousers were going to explode.

While he was propositioning me he was sucking on the straw of the mojito, which made me get excited.

Shortly afterwards, I took her to my house.

When we got inside, she asked me for directions to the bathroom, meanwhile I went to the kitchen to prepare two glasses of wine while I took off my jacket and changed my special occasion shirt.

I put on a basic white T-shirt. A few minutes later, she came out of the bathroom without the black dress, but wearing a lingerie set that I had only seen before in TV commercials. The see-through lingerie allowed me to see her whole body and desire it with all my might.

She moved playfully towards me and sat on my thighs as she had done a while ago. That escort from Barcelona made me regain my passion and desire for a woman. She started kissing me and touching my crotch, while I kissed all over her neck, noticing how she liked it so much that she couldn’t resist moaning with pleasure.

He took off my white t-shirt and the trousers I was wearing. We went to the bed and that’s when she started to give me the best fellatio I had ever had in my life. As she sucked me, she looked at me with her green eyes and smiled as if she was doing something naughty, I loved that. We spent about 15 minutes with foreplay. I stress. The best foreplay of my life.

Then we had sex in various positions, some classics like doggy style and others more innovative that she asked me to try. She was screaming with pleasure while I felt I was going to explode with pleasure, but it was that escort from Barcelona who suggested me a way to finish that no other woman I had ever been with had ever told me. She wanted me to ejaculate on her, on her face. I was surprised by the proposal, but obviously, I accepted. I was living a unique experience.

This was my experience with a luxury escort. An experience I will certainly never forget, as well as that young brunette with green eyes who made me live sex as I had never done before.

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