What is a Girlfriend Experience or GFE?

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Although we sometimes think that all men are the same, we are wrong. There are those who are big fans of “here I get you, here I kill you” and others, entirely different, who are looking for tenderness, complicity, and affection.

Our girls are not only here to offer you the hottest sex you could have ever imagined, but they are also very intelligent, sweet and affectionate women, who can offer you a wonderful evening talking about interesting topics, as well as a night full of love, kisses, and sex.

Can you already imagine what the famous “sweetheart deal” is? Not yet? Let’s find out, then.

What is a Girlfriend Experience or GFE?

The girlfriend experience is a service offered by our escorts at Lola Martí, which is not only limited to the physical encounter, but there is also the possibility of establishing a relationship with friends that, later on, transcends to the sexual field, thus becoming an experience that will be pure enjoyment for your five senses.

These experiences are described by our clients as something beyond sex because they are much more emotional. These dates are characterized by passion, caresses, complicity, tenderness and pleasant conversations.

Our Lola Martí girls will become the ideal girlfriend for the man, where sex, although still important, will be accompanied by other elements that will make the encounter full of magic.

Four reasons not to miss out on this adventure

  • Because you will fulfil your sexual fantasies. If your head is full of sexual fantasies that you want to turn into reality, the Girlfriend Experience will be your best decision. You will have a date with the utmost discretion, and you will be able to enjoy an incredible beauty of a woman; sexy, intelligent and with knockout curves, ready to make you feel comfortable in the encounter.

Starting with a dinner, where you will be able to exchange laughs and complicit looks, followed by a set of perfect caresses while you dance together, and ending with a strong sex with a great ending. Pure chemistry, right?

  • Because you will enjoy the woman you always wanted. You should enjoy life and maybe having a formal partner where you are obliged to share every second of the day is not in your plans, but you do want to live that feeling of having a special date with a friend with whom you can talk, spend an evening together talking, going to dinner, touching each other and ending up in bed with a happy ending. A Girlfriend Experience will bring you that happiness you were looking for.
  • Because you will be able to have company at any event. A GFE escort is the perfect companion whether you are going out in the evening to see the city, enjoying a dinner in a nice restaurant and having a drink, or attending a high-end work event. Our girls are polite, friendly, affectionate, sociable and charming.
  • Because a GFE is morbid in a big way. Enjoying the forbidden. Feeling the adrenaline through your veins is something that will raise the temperature and will make you live experiences that you would never have imagined.

Do you feel like falling into the nets of seduction with one of our escorts and the GFE service? Enter our world and discover something very, very, very stimulating. Press play and let the adventure begin.

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