Reasons why a man hires a luxury escort

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Razones porqué un hombre contrata una escort de lujo

Some men look for an escort because they are women of great beauty and a certain cultural level, their distinguished manners and conversation are suitable to act as ideal escorts.

This type of service is characterized by spending time and socializing together without the tacit inclusion of a sexual relationship.

Hiring a luxury escort is not for everyone

The type of client who uses this service breaks the stigma of poverty associated to prostitution because it is considered and associated to a certain type of classism given that it is accessed by people with a high purchasing power. Hiring is for long periods of time according to the client’s agenda and needs, and in some cases, affection arises in the relationship.

Earnings in this type of service are much higher than those of a girl in traditional prostitution.

Among other reasons why a man hires an escort, they say that apart from the companionship and sexual satisfaction, it is to show his power in the circle where he moves.

Escorts can offer much more than just a sexual encounter

Throughout the years, it has been said that men who feel loneliness and lack of affection hire an escort to cover this vital need for human beings. The presence of this emotional connection between him and the hired girl allows them to discuss their experiences, their day-to-day life, without necessarily getting to sexual contact.

According to the profile of the client, being accompanied by a beautiful woman allows him to feel self-confidence to face the social situation that requires this condition.

Young people are looking for a unique and incomparable sexual experience

Another reason why this service is booming in another age range is because young guys with an important purchasing power and who are not interested in establishing serious relationships make regular use of it, thus breaking a social paradigm regarding the statement, “young people don’t hire escorts”.

It is common for some men of different ages to explore their sexuality with a girl, to discover what they like in relation to sex without the need to give explanations, and even taking the time to reflect on it with themselves.

A medicine for dissatisfaction or lack of sexual appetite

Some couples lose sexual desire over time, i.e. loving each other does not imply wanting to have sex, which leads to rejection in intimacy. This causes dissatisfaction and sexual frustration. In these cases, when love is still present, the couple prefers to hire an escort for a certain period of time, thus avoiding conflict and frustration.

In a couple’s intimacy, some people don’t feel they can not explore things they haven’t tried before because of the typical social clichés, that’s when the possibility of fulfilling those repressed fantasies arises in the occult or secrecy of the situation.

The privacy of luxury escort agencies

The privacy and respect for personal data that characterizes this service is essential when choosing it. People with great responsibility and economic power opt for it with the confidence to keep their identity and condition hidden.

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