The sex toys luxury escorts like the most

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Sex toys are an ideal complement to give an extra touch of passion to your sexual relationship, as they will be your best ally to heat up the encounter with some very exciting and spicy foreplay.

Sex toys will help you discover new pleasures that you didn’t know you could enjoy, but they are often a taboo subject that usually embarrasses their owners. That is why we have asked our escort agency what they think about sex toys and how they use them in their intimate relationships, giving visibility to these little lovers who have even helped to save marital relationships thanks to the pleasure they cause to both parties.

There are toys for all tastes, and the best thing is that you can use some of them alone or in the company of an attractive girl who will enjoy innovating and experiencing new sensations together with you. Are you ready to try any of the toys on the list?

The king of sex toys, the lubricant.

Lubricants are the most used toys in Spanish people’s sexual relationships, and also the most normalized in society because who hasn’t used a flavoured lubricant to give a tastier touch to the encounter? Carlota, an escort in Madrid, has told us that she loves using lubricants in all her encounters, but she especially uses it to perform fellatios with an extra lubrication point. Besides, Carlota assures that she likes to use lubricant to masturbate during penetration and that thanks to this she reaches a much more pleasurable orgasm.

The secret lover, the vibrator.

How many people you know have admitted to having a vibrator at home? The vibrator is often hidden out of shame, but the truth is that thanks to it, many relationships have been able to experience a new and surprising level of stimulation. Sandra, an escort in Valencia, has confessed that many of her clients have tried playing with a vibrator during foreplay, and she has made them feel more aroused than ever while watching her moaning with pleasure.

There are many types of vibrators that you can try, but the ones that give the most pleasure to women are called bunnies. They are a type of vibrators that are used to penetrate and stimulate the clitoris at the same time, so the pleasure is maximized by doubling and experiencing both sensations at the same time.

If you are more daring and want to take the game to another level, you can get a remote vibrator. They are ideal for situations where you can be in public with it on and your partner can control the level of vibration intensity with the remote control. You can go to a restaurant for dinner and watch the stars while you eat and play with this little vibrating friend.

The top seller, the vibrating ring.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them, but do you really know how to use them, or what effects they have? The ring is always placed on the shaft of the penis, and if you use a condom on it, its benefit is that thanks to it both the man and the woman enjoy a more gratifying sexual experience. Get out of the monotony of the typical cum-sac and experiment with another type of penetration while extending the time of your sexual encounter, as the rings will help prolong male ejaculation.

Our girls enjoy and have fun using this toy, but say they prefer to use it when the partner’s public hair is completely shaved, as that is when they really feel the effects of the ring.

The geisha’s favourite, the Chinese balls.

The small size of these balls makes them seem harmless, but the reality is that Chinese balls can be a perfect complement to give to your luxury escort and see how she gets aroused little by little. The balls contain small balls inside them, which stimulate the vaginal walls by moving them, increasing the clitoral stimulation thanks to the vibrating effect produced when they are worn.

Alicia, an escort from Barcelona, wore the Chinese balls to accompany a client during a professional event, and she had a great time: “he loved the experience of seeing how I was getting aroused without anyone else noticing”.

Now that you know that our luxury escorts are very spicy and also love sex toys, do you dare to give her one and enjoy playing with them together during your next encounter?

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